Why wooden toys ?

wooden dino toy

We are all trying to have more environmentally friendly households. Well, if you have kids or planning to have them in the near future, or have friends and family with kids, you can start with your child’s toys and nursery décor.

Wooden toys and decor is more environmentally friendly than plastic one due to its ability to be recycled and its biodegradable nature.

They encourage imaginative and open ended play. With wooden toys your kids can create their own imaginative worlds and stories without loud noises or blinking lights.  Classic wooden toys like puzzles and blocks are great for problem solving and motor skills, more open ended ones like different shapes and stackers will help with their social skills, thinking and emotional intelligence.

And last but not least, wooden toys are safer then plastic ones since early age Plastic toys tend to break easily which potentially leaving sharp edges or small parts that may cause harm to child.

So in conclusion, wooden toys are great educational, developmental and role-playing toys, which will help your child develop his/her imagination and learn more about a specific animal.

Pretend-play promotes multiple opportunities for children to learn about their interests and abilities and our wooden toys are perfect for this type of playing and learning.

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