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Wooden animals set 2+1 free is handmade wooden toy set with 3 toys of your choice. (See below what you can choose from).

All our toys are made from natural, sustainable wood and protected with natural and non-toxic eco linseed oil. They are hand-sanded smooth and each one is made individually and is environmentally friendly and safe.
Covered with eco linseed oil for protection and are safe for kids to play with, even to put them into their mouth. They have no sharp corners, screws, nails or paint and this makes them perfectly safe to play with.

Their unique design and detailed woodworking makes it a great gifts for toddlers and kids.

This set gives you toys with natural colors, on it we use no stains, dyes, or paint, made from quality wood made to last for many decades.

Every order is hand-made individually, which makes each of our products unique. Therefore, grain orientation and color may vary (images with more than one toy show how it can vary).

If you'd like us to customize your toys, just send us a message and tell us what you have in mind.

If you need more than has been listed there’s no problem. Just contact us, we can make as many as you need (with quick turnaround times).

Wooden toys are great educational, developmental and role-playing toys, which will help your child develop his/her imagination and learn more about a specific animal.
Pretend-play promotes multiple opportunities for children to learn about their interests and abilities and our wooden toys are perfect for this type of playing and learning.

Each toy has been carefully manufactured and inspected to avoid any potential rough spots or sharp edges, making them perfectly safe to use.

Because of their non-toxic coating, children can put them in their mouths.

The processing time stated in this listing is 1 to 7 business days, but we always try to process each order as quickly as possible after your purchase

Because we make each set after you place your order, yours may not look exactly like in the photo, but all of our toys look very similar.

You can choose between animals: horse, mommy bear, daddy bear and baby bear, rabbit, deer, elephant, cat, chicken, duck, lion, wolf, cow, squirrel, pig, giraffe, sheep, goat, kangaroo, hedgehog, fox,  whale, pelican, swan, donkey, rhino, turtle, tree, mushroom, pine tree, crocodile, dog, penguin, snake, standing duck, small fish, big fish, starfish, seahorse, crab, octopuss, mammoth, hyppo, traut, camel
and dachund.

Please send me a message with animals of choice. Othervise you will get 4 random animals.

Horse 14x11cm
Bear (mommy bear) 10,5x 7 cm
Bear (dad bear) 11x5 cm
Bear (baby bear) 5,5x 3cm
Rabbit 6x5 cm
Deer 10x12 cm
Elephant 15x12 cm
Cat 7x6cm
Chicken 5x 5,5cm
Duck 7,5x4 cm
Lion 10x 9,5cm
Wolf 10x10cm
Cow 11 x 7cm
Squirrel 6x6cm
Pig 12,5x6,5cm
Giraffe 18x 6,5cm
Sheep 10,5x8cm
Goat 9x8cm
Kangaroo 10,5x11cm
Hedgehog 6x4,5cm
Fox 10x4,5 cm
Whale 10x9 cm
Pelican 10x10 cm
Swan 10,5x7 cm
Donkey 10x11 cm
Rhino 12,5x10 cm
Turtle 5x9 cm
Lamb 7x4 cm
Tree 8x7 cm
Pine tree 11,5x9 cm
Crocodile 14,5x5cm
Dog 8x8cm
Penguin 10,5x6 cm
Snake 15x5 cm
Duck standing
Small fish 9x7cm
Big fish 12x4cm
Starfish 4.5x5.5 cm
Seahorse 13x7cm
Crab 9x6cm
Octopuss 9x6.5 cm
Dachund 15x6 cm