Waldorf celebration ring with 2 ornaments of choice, waldorf birthday ring, birthday ring ornaments, waldorf celebration, waldorf birthday

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Get more and more popular celebration ring with 2 ornaments of choice. Ring is handmade in larch wood and coated with linseed oil for protection. This listing is for celebration ring with 12 holes and 2 ornaments of choice. Ornaments are made in lime wood and hand stained with water based stains.

This set makes perfect heirloom gift for your little ones. You can choose ones from the list below. In note to seller please tell us which 2 you want or we will send you 2 random ones.

Birthday ring tradition, originally from Germany, has many variations.
You can place candles in the holes of the ring corresponding to the number of years your child is turning and fill the remaining holes with wooden decorations that reflects child's interests or some special events of the year. Some families choose to fill the ring with wooden ring decorations exclusively.

Dimensions of ornaments from 5 to 9 cm high depending on ornament and with base is 17.5mm in diameter

Ornaments you can choose from: numbers from 0-9, hat, fox, ballerina, train, note, watermelon, gnome, bird, flower, rainbow, hedgehog, mushroom, feather, yin yang, lotus flower, turtle, painted moon, bear, cat, dog, truck, t-rex, mermaid, clover, cupcake, heart, evergreen tree, giraffe, car, motorbike, submarine, yellow duck, caterpillar, Easter bunny, bunny, dove, mermaid with yellow hair, guitar, Irish hat, spider, swan, violin, rugby ball, letter, fire truck, snowdrop flower, tulip, apple, hat, note, natural (unpainted) moon, natural (unpainted) turtle, horse shoe, unicorn, giraffe, boy with lamp, angel, viking boat, evergreen tree, dove, hedgehog, hedgehog, cross, tiger, shamrock, fairy, purple flower, car.